Get your perfect pout with Lip Rejuvenation at Clarity.

If you’ve ever considered enhancing the look of your lips, why wait a day longer feeling anything but your best? Full lips can take years off your face and give you confidence in your youthful, feminine appearance. We know that while some people were born with great lips, others need a little help, and dermal fillers may be the answer you’re looking for. Clarity Medical Aesthetics has the expertise to help you achieve your desired look.

Dermal filler can improve a host of lip concerns, including:

  • Size of the lips
  • Proportion of the lips
  • Lip border definition
  • Lip projection
  • The Cupid’s bow
  • The cutaneous lip and philtrum ridges
  • The skin of the lip
  • Lip shape

What you can expect:

After you have scheduled your complimentary consultation at Clarity Medical Aesthetics, you will meet with Kati Midgley, PA-C, to learn about the best dermal filler and dosage amount for your customized lip rejuvenation treatment. A general guideline is that filler is typically injected 1 mL at a time, and then injected every month until they reach the size where the patient is satisfied.

We offer our patients the choice of a topical anesthetic or a dental block to minimize discomfort. If you prefer the use of a dental block, it will be injected into the gums prior to treatment. The procedure should not be painful. Then, ice will be applied to the area briefly before treatment. A very fine needle or a cannula (blunt tip injectable tool) will be used to inject the filler. Ice will be used after the treatment to minimize swelling and bruising.

After your treatment:

Immediately following the treatment, there will be redness and swelling. The swelling will be disproportionate and will be worst the following morning, typically lasting 48 to 72 hours, but it is normal for the swelling to be visible two weeks following the procedure as well.

It’s also helpful to know that sometimes one side is better treated than the other, and this is usually because the patient is asymmetrical to start with. Infection is a very rare complication, but always a possibility when the needle goes into the skin.

After your procedure, it’s important to avoid excess touching of your lips, keep the area clean and apply ice.

When it comes to maintenance appointments, this is recommended on an individual basis, especially considering that depending on anatomy, metabolism, dosage and other factors, you may need fewer or more appointments than another patients. Typically with our most commonly used filler, we would prefer to see our patients twice a year the first year, then annually after that. If the patient would prefer to have more filler after their first appointment, they should see their practitioner every 1 to 3 months until they are satisfied with the volume level. If you have any questions about maintenance visits, be sure to ask Kati Midgley, PA-C during your appointment.

Contact us today at 203.903.1455 to schedule your complimentary consultation and to learn more about lip rejuvenation at Clarity Medical Aesthetics.



Words cannot express how happy I am with the results of today’s procedure. The use of Volbella made my vertical lines around my lips disappear plus it plumbed my lips up!

You always know what I’m looking for, and the end result is always amazing!

Your staff always makes me feel welcome.

– Megan M.

Please note, results may vary. Your treatment options will be clearly reviewed with our medical professionals during your complimentary consultation.