What a week we have had at Clarity! We had the extreme privilege of hosting a Master Class for Sculptra Aesthetic. Dr. Danny Vleggaar came from Geneva Switzerland to share his knowledge about the product. He is one of the world’s experts in the product. We welcomed injectors from New York, Boston and Connecticut into our little office. I was honored to inject one of my patients with him.

I have been injecting Sculptra since early 2008 and have been an instructor for the product for the past three years. My experience with Sculptra has been exceptional. I am fortunate to have been trained by four of the worlds leading experts Dr. Rebecca Fitzgerald, Dr. Ruth Tidaldi, Dr. Richard Swift and Dr. Danny Vleggaar. I have adapted their lessons to form my own unique style of injecting. The pearls of wisdom they shared means amazingly natural, beautiful results for my patients. I’m not sure why, but medical aesthetics is a competitive field where people are not always willing to share their knowledge. I believe it is out of fear that other injectors might “steal” their techniques. As an educator, it is my honor and privilege to share my knowledge with other providers. Let’s face it, I might be able to reach the technique, how to hold the needle and where to put the product, but every injector’s aesthetic and artistic gift is going to ultimately determine your results.

Sculptra is one of my favorite “foundational fillers.” With each decade, after our peak volume in our late teens and twenties, we can lose up to 10%! If you are in your forties this means you have potentially lost 25% of your facial volume. What does that mean in the mirror? Sagging skin, lines, wrinkles and folds! Signs of aging can also be subtle. Next time you are near a younger person, look at their temples. Are they plump and fleshy looking? Well, this is an area that shows our age. I know, you’re saying “who cares about my temples?” Well, I DO! Hollow temples result in lower brow height, more crows feet, and a harder, older, and even ill appearance. Filling your temples can make you look up to ten years younger! The other area of hollowing that people don’t see is in front of the ears. This valuable facial fat is the scaffolding that hold your cheeks and jawline in a younger position. What skin do you pull when you are mimicking a facelift? In front of your ears! These are the areas of attention addressed with Sculptra.

How is it different? This is an advanced product that requires experience and extensive knowledge of facial anatomy. Sculptra is a liquid, not a gel like Juvederm Voluma or Restylane. It comes in a vial, unlike Radiesse or Perlane. It is injected in a series of three treatments so it is gradual, the opposite of Aretfill or Bellafill. Sculptra does not give you a “puffy” face that some Hyalouronic acid fillers do. It is a bio-stimulating filler that causes your own tissue to be restored versus other fillers that simply take up space under the skin. Sculptra lasts for years, which means it is less expensive in the long run than any other filler on the market! In my experience, patients appreciate the results for three years and then, instead of requiring the entire series over again, patients typically need a ‘booster’ of two vials. Those two vials can extend the life of your treatment by another year and a half.

Our model, Joan, has the typical volume loss of a thin woman her age. By examining her photos it is evident where we need to add volume. These photos are before and directly after injection by me (her left side) and Dr. Vleggaar (her right side).  Note the temporal hollows, cheek sallow, laugh lines and flattening of the area under her eye. By increasing her overall volume it will create more balance and minimize the look of ‘facial sections’ (around the eye, the jowls, the mouth). Remember that Sculptra is a series of three treatments so certain areas will be built upon and new areas can be addressed as she improves.

There are advances in dermal fillers every year. Europe and Canada have many more options than we do here, but as new products come and go from the market, Sculptra Aesthetic has stood the test of time. If you would like more information on options to help you battle the signs of aging, please feel free to contact me. I’m happy to help you.