Imagine yourself driving on a beautiful, warm sunny day. You lift your head to embrace the sun through the window and then it happens. You catch a glimpse of your forehead in the rear view mirror! You might be surprised, but this is the most common place women obsess over their facial lines. Think about it – you’re squinting in the sun to protect your eyes, putting on mascara, glaring at the terrible driver behind you, checking on the kids in the backseat, or maybe even making “kissy faces” at yourself – just because.

The rear-view mirror has prompted many of your “I need an appointment- STAT!” phone calls. Contrary to popular beliefs, this is NOT a BOTOX emergency. Please don’t try to look up the number, dial the phone and flip through your date book while driving. Instead, wait until you have safely reached your destination, give me a call on the “BOTOX Hotline” and we will discuss your intervention.

I know that the rear-view mirror can be a scary place. It can be the last glimpse of what you are leaving behind as you drive forward on into your bright, beautiful line-free future. Buckle up, know that I am here to help you, and enjoy the ride.